MacOS & Bootcamp " How to "

From WWDC, Apple just announced the High Sierra will start to work with an eGPU.

but there are still tons of questions/Issues while the technology is under its development.

Here's the few scenario & workarounds

1. Sierra ( OS 10.12.6 )+ External Display: It can work with AMD or NV Cards with + SIP DisableScript.

2. High Sierra ( OS 10.13. x )+ External Display : It can only work with AMD RX580,570, 480, 470 , Vega w/o the scripts. Natively support. check here.

3. High Sierra ( OS 10.13. x )+ External Display : It can work with AMD RX560, 460, R9 series, R7 series, HD sieges & Fire pro with SIP Disable + Script.

4. Bootcamp Creator 1709 + External Monitor : ( 2016 MBP ): Disable PCI 1905 and link to the top right port. ( External monitor will be accelerated by eGPU )

5. Bootcamp Creator 1709+ External Monitor: ( 2017 MBP): Link to the top right port without doing anything ( External Monitor will be accelerated by eGPU )

6. Bootcamp Creator 1709 + Internal Monitor: Need few steps including set the iGPU ( Intel HD 520, 620, 630 ) to work & disable the origin AMD chip. Then the internal display can be with eGPU acceleration. It is a bit complex, please contact our Support team and let us guide you how.


For those scrips, it is not for commercial purpose. and Specially thanks to developers involving and searching for the solutions during Apple eGPU development period.

For Sierra Scrips: Please refer to the origin Post here

For High Sierra scrip: Please refer to the origin Post here