Dont know your Monster Card can fit? Check it out here!

by John Li July 22, 2017 2 Comments

For those users who wants to know the the internal placement & whether the monster card is able to fit or not. Here's the document for reference Here

Simply saying: Max Length: 305MM w/o disassemble the back plate, 305MM~326MM, disassemble the back plate screws first. More than 326MM, not able to be fitted.

Width: supported up to 2.8 Slot PCIE. 

John Li
John Li


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May 14, 2019

HI i was wondering would this fit? Palit GeForce GTX 1050 Ti KalmX

Mark Skinner
Mark Skinner

June 30, 2018

did you test with Titan-V?

we have a customer asking why it works with 1080 TI but not titan-V…?


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