Install your Graphic Card with CARE

by John Li July 08, 2017 1 Comment

Hi everyone,

Thank you for the support of Mantiz Venus eGPU. We faced some cases recently regarding "Venus is not working" but after further examination & testing, we found that all these were caused by "Improper Graphic Card Installation".

The Thunderbolt Mainboard were damaged by Graphic Card PIC-e Slot metal bracket being the main culprit. The metal Bracket of the GPU cause some resistor PADs on the Mainboard to peeled off when it comes into direct contact during GPU installation. We have made improvement on subsequent batches but we would still like to inform everyone that during installation make sure the GPU metal bracket do not touch the Mainboard.

John Li
John Li


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July 10, 2017

Can you provide some walkthrough videos on “How”? For some novice users can help, for prevent before crash Venus.

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